navigating away form a smush while it is in progress

Is it ok to navigate away from a site once a bulk smush has started? I started a smush process and it seems to be hanging It's been sitting at zero for the past five minutes.

  • Vaughan

    Hi Corn,

    Hope you're well?

    Afraid not, it should say at the top of the smush page, that you should leave the page open whilst smushing is in progress, it's perfectly ok to open a new page in a new tab/window though as long as the smush page is left open.

    It can take a while depending on the size of the images though, but 5 mins for 1 image seems a bit slow.

    Is there any errors showing in your server error logs? or try hitting ctrl+shift+J on the smush page and see if any errors show up in the console.


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