Navigation Customization -- consolidating navigation bars, using cufon, and changing the background


My current theme was built custom, but I'm wanting to migrate to the Buddypress Daily theme (either temporarily or permanently -- depending on whether or not I'm able to customize to my liking). Regardless of whether or not it works for me, I LOVE the theme and am very impressed. Thank you for your hard work.

On my current site, each category tab in the navigation area is a different color, and the font is generated using cufon. What I'm wondering is:

How I can get the navigation area of my Buddypress Daily site (I'm using to practice) to look and function the same way my current site does?

I've been able to get cufon working, but I am unable to adjust the text, background and hover colors, and the cufon font size.

Can this be accomplished using just simple css adjustments? Or do I need to change any of the core php files?

I would also like to consolidate all navigation components from the information bar, the breadcrumb navigation bar, and the page navigation bar into one or two lines. I saw directions in a previous thread, but was unable to get it working and thought that I may have to do something differently.

Any help would be appreciated!