Navigation Font and Color Change? (Surprisingly not easy?)

Hi there,

I'm having difficulty changing the font color for the navigation styles under the "customization" tab. Even when I change them in the gui provided, nothing appears differently on the page. It seems that the styles are not held in any style sheet provided (location is "program" or /wp/:line 184. I'm not even sure which php file this would be stored in. The styles have been given an "!important" which is making it impossible for me to override them as they cascade prior to my other styles).

Lastly, I'm attempting to change the font type in the navigation but have been unable to. Perhaps solving the first problem would allow me the solve the second one.

Please let me know! You will most likely tell from visiting my site that in addition to needing lots of love, I've edited some of the other base styles (gallery.css).


– K