Navigation Menu- Does not always save/load changes

Hi there,

I have been having some issues with Upfront loading and saving the changes I make. There are times when the edits I make and then save don’t actually “get saved” and I do refresh my browser/clear browser cache history. So I am not too sure what is happening.

Specifically, I have a couple primary pages on my website where there are constant issues with the navigation menu loading both on desktop and mobile. Sometimes it loads, and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t load I go back into WordPress and into Upfront and I just go to the specific page and without making any changes I just hit update. Then I refresh my browser etc. and it will come up, but I can’t keep doing that (this is a site for a client).

I just want to make sure that the site will always be up and running without any issue. My concern is that I finish making updates everything looks great and then a couple hours later or a day goes by and without making any other changes the formatting is messed up, navigation isn’t showing up, etc.

Maybe I am missing a step or something, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!