Navigation region option not shown in header region + how to adjust norma region width

Hi, I have two problems:

1) The nice tutorial here: talks about a navigation region one could add to the header region. I do not have this kind of option, why? What I am trying to accomplish is a global header region with a hero image, logo and a small header menu. I'd like the logo and header menu to be global through all pages and posts, but I wold obviously like to be able to change the image on different pages.

2) How can I add more width to normal regions I am positioning after this header region? I need to have almost a full width region without sidebars on the pages I am building. Or actually a page that looks like that, so that there would be image elements full width below the hero image.
EDIT: Is it possible to just add a "sidebar" but not use it as a global sidebar as usually in blogs, but simply add any content there? I tried this option, but it did not work, since adding the sidebars just adjusts the size of the middle region.