NB. currently working on localhost and testing pro sites.


NB. currently working on localhost and testing pro sites.

1. i setup three plans, Pro, Pro 2 and premium.
2. i configure the paypal settings using a Business Account (NOT PRO). The pro sites setting i set a 14 days free trial.
3. created a site called demo.
4. i selected Pro 2 plan, and i redirect to the paypal and enter my test api credentials. Click the Login button , and agree the terms .
4. am redirected back to the main site
5.but thats when things went south, when am redirected to the site, the pro sites level never changed, because pro sites level PRO is the one that is given the free trial. and i had upgraded to PRO 2 but still not update the level to PRO 2.
6. i take a look at the pro site table, thought it might have been browser caching the page locally etc.. so in the pro_Sites table the site ID with 8, is the one i was trying to upgrade to PRO 2, if you look carefully the LEVEL did not update to #2, the TERM and the AMOUNT field did not update.
6.so now, i went to main.dev/wp-admin/network/admin.php?page=psts&bid=8 , everything look great in the account history so i should've updated the database. but it didnt.
8. i went to my paypal sandbox notification and check if the payment went through, and it did. so the problem i see is that pro site is not updating the LEVEL number, TERM and AMOUNT in the pro sites table.

Please note that when i try with Stripe , everything work supper great but the problem is that i CAN NOT use stripe because stripe is not internation and am all the way in the Caribbean.

so what i think is that, the problem is probably coming from a function in the pro site gateway that supposed to update the table but not working as it should.

Please if you can try to reproduce it locally , and let me know your result. i would really really and really appreciate it .