NBT 1.6.7 not coping Custom menus

NBT 1.6.7 not coping Custom menus

This problem was reported in version 1.6.6 and i think the 1.6.7 update was to fix this issue.

Switching back to 1.6.5 for now. ty

  • Alexander
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    Well, I tested this and didn’t find anything to be out of place. Using v1.6.7, NBT is able to copy menus (three levels deep with all link types) and keep them applied to the theme.

    Was there anything specific you were experiencing that wasn’t working? Or perhaps any other steps leading up to the bug that you can think of?

    Best regards,

    Alexander Rohmann

  • Mark Wallace
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    it was Custom Menu links placed in the widget area. We use the 2012 theme. It did not transfer the menus for us, but 1.6.5 does everything we need.

    but if it helps it is the Custom Menu Widget. We was not using the primary nav menu but a second menu title group (hope that makes since) if not go to appearance > menu > create two menus > place one as primary nav > then appearance > widgets and place the other menu in the Custom Menu Widget and drag it to the widget area.

    It is the Custom menu widget that does/did not transfer for us. We switch back to NBT 1.6.5 and everything is fine for us.

    ty :slight_smile:

  • Alexander
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    That’s strange. I just went back through and tested it several different ways and could not reproduce the problem with version 1.6.7 I had multiple custom menus, and added the custom menu widget. Everything remained from one blog to the next in exactly the same way.

    It could have been a problem with the template site at the time. I believe it’s safe if you’d like to try updating the plugin again to test it.

  • Alexander
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi again,

    Where you able to get this worked out? For now I’m going to mark as resolved as it’s been two weeks and I haven’t heard back. But if you still need help feel free to mark unresolved and respond, or open a new thread.

    Best regards, Alexander Rohmann

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