Need a developer

I need a developer to assist in a project which requires modification of some WPMU Dev plugins to suit my needs.

The MAJOR part is modifying MarketPress to be more granular so the advanced Adaptive Payments gateway can split the revenue on items and NOT just users. This is similar to what the guys over at WP e-Commerce are trying to do with 'Many Vendors' however I need something in-between this and MarketPress with more control over the process.

I also need digital download support adding, although I know this is a feature to be added soon.

There are other small jobs that need taking care of in this project but this is the major one. I've tried a couple of developers but none have committed and I want to be in BETA before the end of the year so I hoped to find one here :slight_smile:

Fact is most of the plugins here are 90% of what I need so if you have experience with this please drop me an email: wonderthemes [at]