Need a good Event Calendar for a campaign website, got suggestions?

Hi Everyone,

I’ve only just started using plug-ins (except the original Smush) and saw the calendar plug-in but it’s not the type I’m looking for.

I need suggestions for a totally dependable plug-in that we can use for a political campaign. Money is tight and the timeline is short, so prefer free or at least inexpensive.

We want to use it to post public and social events in the various communities in our House District as well as campaign events.

I’m kind of hoping it would have a calendar showing the day’s events, you click it and get more info.

Or the other option is that it would categorize by date and type of event and make a long, chronologically ordered list.

It MUST work well, be easy for non-internet types to understand, and play good with WP and all my plug-ins.

Thanks so much.


in Kodiak, Alaska, where the sun will just barely sets these longest days of the year!