Need a pre-defined set of maps, AJAX autofill a bonus

For a personal site, this is awesome.

For a site using say, Events+ in a multi-site environment, it would be amazing to be able to pre-configure a set of maps.

That or… if someone puts in a custom address… hide the 37,296 other maps from them, at least prevent every tom, dick, and harry from adding their housewarming party’s street address to the view along with the 907th version of a major nightclub on duplicate.

Is there a way to lock out the maps DB and sort pre-configured maps by, say, venue name?

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    Hi @isarmstrong

    Greetings from the WPMU DEV Support Team. Thank you for being a member and for posting this feature request to our forum.

    This is indeed a very good feature request and something that many people might be interested in. I will let the Developer know about your request and we will also see the response from other users to determine interest.

    So all the best with your request and I hope we would be able to assist you with this.

    Have a good day!


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    Sounds great Gina!

    Having had a night to think about it, the best approach would be to create an adjunct “places” plugin based on another custom post type. A fully fleshed out approach would include

    Data: Address, featured image, gallery tag link, official website, description, linked events, rating, public/private, linked BP Group, categories taxonomy (nightclub, gym, house, restaurant, DJ, Band, etc).

    You would very quickly have a WP/BP version of Yelp that tied into events, groups, and any supported gallery software.

    I realize I’m throwing blue-sky at you now but as long as it’s a wishlist post, this would be exactly what I need. Those interlocking components would create some very powerful event/place sites!

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