Need a specific membership solution

I’m looking for a solution, where a WP contains a file/s- or directory-index , that contains restricted and public content such as pictures or documents. The WP-admin should be able to establish a files/directory protection similar to htpasswd, but manageable via wp-dashboard->users. The index should be displayed from /uploads or any subfolder within, … I have searched for a solution for almost 3 hours and found “WordPress Media Library Folders”, “Memphis documents”, but these solutions a bit buggy on the one hand, or don’t provide a public files-gallery. Background info: On our legacy platform there are hundreds of clients who maintain a kind of “Blog” which only offers blog-posts, pictures and file-downloads, e.g. or /galerie/ or /blog … with restricted access that can be managed within the backend/dashboard. If you have any other recommendation for such a plugin I’d be more than happy to hear about it :slight_smile: