Need a User Profile / Management Database Plugin

I’m Transferring a Site that was Built on Drupal to a WordPress Multisite.

They require a User Management System Preferably part of the user login that only the user registered can update only their record in the Management Database unless they have admin or super admin access.

I hope I’m explaining it correctly.

There will be the main site where the contact / management system will be and the Sub Domains 1 for each Boro of New York: Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx.

Each sub site will have a group of users that can edit their own info only and they have a Manager (Admin for that Sub site).

There will be A user with admin access on Main site (not Super Admin) That can edit anyone’s Info. (in-case a user doesn’t want to log in the admin for their group can put it in).

Here is What Info I need to have entered, bear in mind its for an Amateur Radio Group.

So the Application (plugin) should be editable for this info. I guess what I’m asking for is a Contact Database inside of WordPress.

Thanks for any help

Here is the info I need to put in


Call Sign:

Mailing Address:

City, State, ZIP code:

e-mail address(es):

Home phone number:

Work phone number:

Cell phone number:

License Class: