Need a way to sort products/services by type

Ok, I'm working on creating that Etsy-like site.

I need an elegant way to sort products and services that sellers list by the type of product/service.. For example, I'd like shoppers to be able to sort all items by digital products, physical products, subscriptions, etc...

If at all possible, I'd also like them to be able to sort by things such as: subject and price.

I'm using the Product theme and the MarketPress plugin so far, and already using post categories for the blog, and product categories within MarketPress for the products and services.

Do I somehow need to tie in the above to the MarketPress categories... or use tags... or...?

Thanks, as always :slight_smile:

  • DavidM


    To be sure I've understood you properly, you're looking for a way to sort network products, correct?

    You can use any of the shortcodes detailed at Network Admin > Settings > MarketPress (or as follows) to display network products in various ways:

    The best way I can think to use them currently would be to have separate pages with separate shortocdes, listing network products sorted by price or date, and restricting the list by category.

    You could also use any of the MarketPress widgets, such as the Global Product List or Global Product Category List widgets, which work pretty much the same as the shortcodes.

    How would those work for you?


  • ANSullivan77

    Thanks David...

    I'm not sure about the first potential solution, as it sounds a bit tedious to need to create a separate page for each... but maybe I'm not fully understanding what you're suggesting there...?

    I'd love to try out the widgets you'd suggested and will do that now. It sounds like those are just pulling from the categories so I'm not sure how to make that work either since this is trying to separate by an entirely different set of attributes. (Oh and to answer your question, yes.. looking for a way to sort network products/services by type rather than subject for example..)

    Thanks again... will let you know how this goes!

  • ANSullivan77

    Ok... unfortunately I'm having the same problem with widgets that I was having the other day (which is to say that when MarketPress is activated, I can't drag and drop my widgets. When it's not, the widgets are perfect). When I had this earlier this week, simply deactivating and reactivating MarketPress solved it. This time that's not done the trick. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled it. Restarted my browser, then my machine. I've got the most up-to-date versioins of WordPress, Product theme, and MarketPress plug-in.

    Anything else I should try?


  • DavidM

    Hmm, you know, that actually sounds like a plugin conflict. Could you try deactivating other plugins and then check to see that you're able to drag and drop widgets?

    If so, you'd basically have to go through activating them again one by one to see where the culprit is.

    To be sure, there are quite a lot of plugins out there that aren't very well developed or maintained and they tend to cause issues like this, which only becomes apparent in certain instances. That may be the case here but going through the plugins as I mentioned will help find what's amiss here.


  • ANSullivan77

    Right... it definitely is a plugin... It's the MarketPress plugin that's causing it. When I deactivate MarketPress the widgets are fine (though I'm missing some of the widgets I need, of course). When it's activated I get the problem with dragging and dropping most of the widgets.

    I was doing all of this on my local machine and couldn't figure a workaround so I went back to the live site and put it in maintenance mode and activated MarketPress on there and it's the same problem all over again (totally different set up and live site). Like I said, I've double checked all of my updates etc... and all good there. This is all I've got for plugins (though I've tried deactivating all of them and uninstalling them to see if it would make a difference and it did not).

    So... I just need to know how I can fix this so that I can still use MarketPress? I don't think I have a workaround to using MarketPress so it's mandatory :slight_smile:



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