Need advice about your plugins in our system.

At first - sorry for very long letter...
And second - sorry for my english because it isnt my native language...

So.. My question.
I need the advice of people who know WordPress better than others.

We plan to create a super-site for non-profit organizations.
As we see it, we need a multi-site. The main site for the office and subdomains for registered organizations.

So... About my system.

The system may be the following types of objects:
• Supervisory Board
• Organization (Non-profit)
• Expert
• Project
• Event
• User
• Library

Supervisory Board:
1. inspection reports of the organization prior to publication
2. field audit organization (with the publication of the inspection report)
3. a decision on the inclusion / exclusion of the organization from the register
4. resolution of conflicts between experts and organizations
5. verification of the project before submitting the project to the expert
6. transfer the project to the expert for analysis
7. check the expert opinion of the expert project
8. assigning "points" expert opinion
9. formation Expert rating by paragraphs 7 and 8

1. an agreement on the inclusion in the register of organizations
2. publication of the organization's activities
3. publication of announcements of events, conferences, etc.
4. formation of the pivot table on the activities of the organization
5. consideration of citizens and the creation of a public response
6. conducting their own projects
7. opportunity to speak to an expert for the problem and assess the work of the expert
8. opportunity to participate in discussions

1. registration of the new expert is the Supervisory Board after filling the "passport expert"
2. after registration must be in the "roster of experts"
3. expert has its own portfolio
4. expert involved in the rating of the experts (the criteria of "activity", "competence")
5. expert gives expert opinions
6. expert can be included in the working group on the progress of the project organization in handling the organization directly to an expert.
7. expert can publish their articles and materials, as verified by the Supervisory Board.

1. project - an idea proposed by a registered organization, which is located in the registry
2. project is discussed after checking by Supervisory Board
3. Supervisory Board appoints experts to review the draft
4. project is considered an expert
5. make proposals for the implementation of the project expert and registered users
6. from the discussions to make changes to the draft

1. included in the announcement
2. has reviews, formed after the event by registered users (organizations, experts, members of the Supervisory Board)

1. visitors (guests)
2. registered users (users, organizations, experts, members of the Supervisory Board)
3. volunteers (registered users wishing to participate in any event)
4. visitors can read passports organizations, reports, use the library website (open part of it)
5. users can comment on activities, projects, access to the full library

1. regulations
2. regulatory statements
3. reports
4. internal project documentation

I understand that my question is a little weird, though ...

Tell me which of the your plug-ins can help me in solving this kind of problem? You have a lot of them, many are similar to what I need, but I just do not have the necessary knowledge and time and do not have access to plugins code (mmmm.. now i have, after payment))) to make a decision and so I ask for your advice.

I am willing to participate in the discussion and I think that you the ones who can solve this kind of problem.

With WordPress, I have been working for more than 3 years and I believe that this system is close to ideal for a wide range of tasks.

With best regards,