Need advice on best payment gateway for MarketPress

I have had more customers want additional options for payment other than Paypal (which I am using now), especially one that accepts credit cards and recurring payments. But there are so many gateways available with MarketPress. I need some help.

I have used Mijireh and it is good. That one creates a checkout page that mirrors your website design so it looks like the customer is staying on your site even though they are on their secure servers.

I assume if you check two payment option (for example, Paypal and 2Checkout), both will be available at checkout, right?

I want something similar or even easier that has these features:
- They take care of PCI compliance;
- Fees are reasonable;
- Accepts most credit cards;
- Easy to qualify (I don't have the best credit);
- Good support for their integration.

I would appreciate your advice.