Need advice on marketpress and paypal chained payments

I have an etsy style marketplace and one of my store owners' check out with paypal isn't going through while all other stores are fine. The only thing I have found so far is that her admin email is hers and her paypal email she is using is her husband's paypal account. Is this the problem? Does her paypal email address have to be associated with her admin email? When I tried purchasing from her store, I got all the way to the very end on paypal but when I submitted payment, paypal canceled the order saying this order has been canceled. I was definitely on the paypal site by then, not on her store site anymore so that is why I think it is a paypal problem and not a marketpress or site problem. Store owner has assured me that her paypal address is valid and paypal account is working but has told me that it is her husband's account.