Need advice on which Plugins to use?

Hey guys, I am looking for suggestions on which plugins I should use (or customize) to build a “story submission” site.

I would like the user to register with their Facebook account as their login (Ultimate Facebook I assume) and once logged in, I would like a very specific, very customized admin area. (Like wpmudev’s area on their site). The user writes a story (I am thinking of using custom post types and meta boxes) and submits it for approval to us.

They can login to see past stories they have written, which ones were denied, which ones were published, etc. Then of course they can share the ones that were published with all of their friends.

The site will feature short stories written by users but you do NOT have to be registered or logged in to READ any of the stories.

I was thinking of simply having a Gravity Form where the user could write and submit the story, but I think that will be too limiting when it comes to the author accessing it down the road.

Anywho, thanks for the help!