Need Advice/Direction for Best Way to Mass/Batch Create Pages/Posts via a .csv or .xls Spreadsheet

Just joined. Lots of great plugins and wordpress resources here!

Short background:
- We are non-techie people but use wordpress.
- Instead we focus on the marketing and strategy side of things.
- Part of reason for joining is to create as much automation as possible for a variety of websites we have and want to create, so we can stay focused on our strengths of marketing.

That being said, what options/plugins/resources do you have that will allow us to do this with wordpress:

- we are use to collecting data from websites like and on individual business professionals and executives.

- this data is put in xls or csv spreadsheets, so we are use to using spreadsheets.

- we want to create several focused niched sites around certain groups of professionals. Think like a mini Linkedin themed website around profile information similar to Linkedin as an example.

- do you have a resource/plugin we can use to batch create or mass create a huge amount of wordpress pages/posts by importing the content/data in with an xls or csv spreadsheet?

- also, if we have to make changes to certain information, is there a way we can just do that in the xls or csv document where it will automatically update those specific pages?

P.S. I assume wordpress databases are like xls or csv spreadsheets, but we are non techie and only know how to use spreadsheets.

Again, we are looking for automation and "simple" non-techie way to do things.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

NOTE: We want to create this on one website, not multiple subdomains's of same domain name.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello gt,

    I hope you're well today and welcome to the community!

    I hope you don't mind that I start my replay in a sort of reverse order :slight_smile:

    WordPress is not using CSV/XML files to store data. Instead it's using SQL (usually in a form of mySQL implementation) which stands for "Structured Query Language" and is quite different than XML and nothing like CSV. Basically, the "workflow" would be like this:

    Wordpress <-> SQL <-> database

    where "WordPress" is your WordPress site (a set of scripts actually), the "database" is a software storing data and "SQL" is a communication "language".

    This is much more complex but I think this explanation would suffice for now :slight_smile:

    The XML (which is actually a language) is used to store data, not query them. CSV is also used to store data and is much simpler.

    The consequence is that such data cannot be directly "put into" WordPress but can be imported. A plugin would read XML or CSV file, "give" it to WordPress and that in turn would communicate with its Database and put it there.

    That's the basic process. The XML/CSV file should include very specific data in a specific order to be useful for WordPress and possible to import to it. There's a "native" importer that could import the data from XML file but it would require you to prepare that file in a very specific way which may be very complex task.

    You could however start with this plugin instead:

    You will want to install it on your WordPress site and then you should be able to feed it with pretty much every XML/CSV file and use a nice "drag&drop builder" to "map" particular data from that file to the WordPress internal "data fields".

    Then, data imported from such a file would create posts (articles) in WordPress. With a suitable WordPress theme it would result in a set of "mini sites".

    I think you could give it a try then :slight_smile:

    If you have any further questions or need assistance, let me know please!

    Best regards,

  • gt

    Adam, thank you for the super fast reply!

    In my initial post, I think you kind of get the idea of what we are trying to do. That being said, regardless of how we would prefer to do what we are trying to accomplish, is there even a more faster more efficient way to do this (even if it's super techie or would need to be hired out)?

    In the meantime, I will research that plugin now. You saved me ton of time already, thank you!

  • Dimitris

    Hey there gt,

    hope you're doing good and don't mind chiming in!

    In my initial post, I think you kind of get the idea of what we are trying to do. That being said, regardless of how we would prefer to do what we are trying to accomplish, is there even a more faster more efficient way to do this (even if it's super techie or would need to be hired out)?

    This heavily relies on how you gather and organize your content, you may want to create a thread in Members forum for more feedback on this. :wink:
    Most probably, getting away from the XML/CSV import path, will lead you to some custom development for your specific needs.
    There were a set of articles by Tom McFarlin on "how to Import CSV Files into WordPress" starting from here
    The latest development trends, are widely using the WP REST API in order to handle content, meaning that your "importer" can even be outside your WP installation into a different application.

    Hope that was some help, take care,
    Dimitris :slight_smile:

  • gt

    Dimitris, awesome! Thank you!

    Will research those links today.

    The information our staff compiles from Linkedin and certain company websites is:

    Person's first and last name
    Job Title
    Linkedin url
    Any other social media url's that maybe on their profile
    Current Company name of company
    City and State person is located in
    Company full corporate headquarters postal mailing address
    Company main phone #

    Our staff puts all of this data in spreadsheet form, usually one piece of data per cell. All info about that person is in one row.

    Problem is, we have 30,000+ records of individual executives compiled over the years.

    Thus, want to create a healthy size website around them, optimizing each page around the person's name, title, and current company.

    Definitely do not want to do this by hand! :wink:

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello gt!

    Assuming that data is "structured" in a "standar" way - so all the spreadsheets are of the same format - this should be relatively easy to handle

    I think however that the best bet here may be a custom built solution that would take into account your specific needs. That would mean creating a "dedicated" plugin that would "understand" your data files and push them to WordPress.

    I suppose this would require hiring a developer and probably would also mean a substantial investment but in a long run it may prove to be the most reliable way to achieve what you wish :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

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