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Hi all

I integrated money bookers, but there is no way that I can explain users what payment options they have.

Since Moneybookers hasn’t a fixed number of payment methods, I think it’s almost obligatory that customers know in advance what’s behind the Moneybookers button.

I’ll have to tweak this my self for now, but how?


I want a text under the Payment options, explaining what Moneybookers option are.

Secondly, an optical thing. I think the box and Remove are not on the same line. Using Simplemarket right out of the box. Check


  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    I’m not too familiar with how Money Bookers works but it sounds like you’re saying there are multiple ways to pay and you want to show those on your site?

    I believe there should be a hook that will allow you to do so but I can’t find which one it is. It may be that it needs adding to the gateway so I’ll ask the developer to comment.

    That issue with the Remove button also occurs on my test install so I’ll ask Tammie to look at that.


  • henkvaness
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    @phil I am familiar with Moneybookers and know how to add or delete payment methods. That’s not my point. What I want to be able to is explain customers what they can expect: which payment methods are available. F.e for The Netherlands iDeal is very popular, part of Moneybookers option, but there is no way to tell people just before they buy. So it’s a GUI thing, need a parameter in the admin

    @aaron To my knowledge this can’t be done in any setup field

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