Need assitance in integrating Appts+ with MarketPress

I have both plugins installed and working. I have used the "Appointments in product cart" add-on for Appointments+. I also had the plugin create the Appointments "product" and that work fine.

My problem is the url for the appointment product page. I don't want to send my users to Instead, I'd like to use something along the lines of

I thought the best way to accomplish this is to create a new page and insert a custom loop to only pull products of the "Appointments" category (one that I created and assigned to the Appointments product). This seems to work to an extent. The problem that I am having is that clicking the appointment confirmation button does not add the appointment to the cart, it just adds it as a pending appointment in the backend. Viewing the appointment product, I can add appointments to the cart without issue. What is going wrong?

For reference, here is the product page:

here is the page I created: