Need chat on static WordPress page.. how to?

Dear crew. I installed a copy the Chat (presumably v. 2.0.3) via the WPMU DEV dashboard.

#1 Been through all the settings, but fail to see a tag which might embed the [chat] on a static page! It only shows up as a widget, to be inserted in a pane left/right. The demo screenshots show full page embedding. How is this done?

#2 I see the enable emoticons perfectly well, yet there’s no selection box holding graphic icons appearing! It only accepts manual code, like :slight_smile: for happy face. How do I change that?

#3 I decided on membership (bronze) mainly for the chat plugin, fueled by a promising theme with speech bubbles etc. How do I get hold of that?

#4 Is there some kind of support forum somewhere discussing the chat plugin?


Peter Hansen

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub


    1. For static pages I'm assuming you mean WordPress Pages/Posts. For this there is a shortcode available.

    First head to Chat > Settings Page. Then to the 'WYSIWYG Button' tab. On this page the first section controls there the WYSIWYG button is display. What post types. Set the to your appropriate needs. Then click the blue 'Save Changes' button at the bottom.

    Then go to Pages and edit/add a Page. Make sure you are viewing the visual tab of the editor. You should see the button I highlight in the image attached. This will popup the chat options. On this popup is a button to insert the needed shortcode.

    2. Ok. Resolved.

    3. Not sure who promised the speech bubble. The chat plugin does not support speech bubble.

    4. Um. Yeah. This is the support forum for Chat and all WPMU DEV plugins.

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