Need Detailed Instruction for Migrating

Need detailed instructions regarding how I can migrate my site with managed backups. I could not get two files to download (I only got the backup zip file, not the snapshot-installer.php). So not sure what I'm missing.

Please provide screenshots of each section/step. That will help.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Ken,

    First thing you need to do is to download both your backup file and snapshot-installer files.
    To do this go to and click on Snapshot icon next to your site (#1 in below screenshot) and after that click on Backup icon (#2 in screenshot).

    Once the popup opens download both files from there:

    When both files are downloaded you need to unzip only snapshot-installer, the file name would be something like this and after unzip it should show up as snapshot-installer.php.
    Your backup file needs to stay as a zip.

    Now access your server via FTP or cPanel and inside the folder where you want your WP installation to be upload both those files.

    Next thing to do is to create new database which you will use for your site.

    After that is done you need to access snapshot installer from your browser.
    You can do this by going to or if you're not using root folder then it would be something like

    That will open Snapshot Migration Wizard with the steps you need to follow to start the process, basically you only need to add your database connection details.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,

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