Need guidance on 301 redirects – Is it Domain Mapping?

I’m confused about this topic, and I would appreciate anyone who could give me a hand. I purchased several domains, and I’m using say as the primary domain for WPMU with Buddypress. Now, I would like to have the other domains, like, and to all point to the primary domain. I read online that the best practice is to use 301 redirects.

1. Will the domain mapping plugin accomplish this? Would I also need to change any settings on my domain manager?

2. When users create blogs, like, would it be accessible via or

I hope I made sense :slight_smile:


  • Aaron
    • CTO

    Domain mapping wouldn't do this.

    2. When users create blogs, like, would it be accessible via or

    I don't know of a way to do this with wpmu, and even if you could it is a bad idea for SEO reasons.

    If you want to just forward the domains to your main one you should have an option for that in your domain manager. Usually they can add a 301 header to that which will just make sure search engines only index the real domain.

  • lucy
    • New Recruit

    Hi Aaron,

    You're so helpful! Just one more question, I searched the Godaddy guide for 301 redirects and they have several instructions, for php, asp,, coldfusion, do I know which one to use?


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