Need Guidance on CalCoppa

Can WPMU DEv please do some article about how calcoppa will effect wordpress developers? It's a new law and looks like it essentialy brings GDPR to the united states. Here is what I saw:

    • Jaxom
      • Dragon Rider

      Hi Adam Czajczyk
      This is not a new law but a 14 year old law and was covered under the old safe harbour agreement.
      There is no need to change anything if your site is GDPR compliant as the GDPR is actually a stronger version of CalCoppa.

      The CalCoppa law has been in effect since 2004 and was updated in 2013.


      • Adam Czajczyk
        • Support Gorilla

        Hi Jaxom

        Thanks for explanation!

        I must say that you surprised me but it seems we might have fallen into the "slow news season" trap :slight_smile: I mean, I'm European and I've never been to United States and yet, I've read numerous news during the last month in various places here about that law, all of them presenting it as a "new regulation" following European GDPR :slight_smile:

        Well, I always try to verify news using a couple of different sources but it turns out that even that may not be enough :smiley:

        Thanks again for you valuable feedback! On the other hand, even if it's an old law, the case of this particular thread shows that it actually might be worth writing about it, just to "demystify" it and dispel all doubts :slight_smile:

        Have a nice day!

        • Jaxom
          • Dragon Rider

          Hi Adam Czajczyk
          I live in the UK :slight_smile:

          To be honest the only reason I know about the law is because we are the developers behind the new Music Publishing Platform "Open Mic Artists" because it is free to publish your music and only the quality of the recording is monitored, not the quality of the content (if it's crap users won't play the song, so no plays and no downloads) they needed to be globally compliant.
          During the prep and initial test build we needed to make sure that the site was meeting all regulations globally and as we needed to carefully ensure all users are over 13 I read virtually every law on internet privacy. Was a really boring week!

          The site has little Caveats all over the place to cover certain US States.


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