Need help about various things

Hello, I have just upgraded my account and I’ll promise you that I’ll open threads according to rules in future :slight_smile:, but now forgive me as beginner – I am listing my questions here.

– How to install wordpress admin panel instead of buddypress one? I mean admin panel like

– Some premium designs are not for blogs, but for something (no matter) another (for example support themes). I would like this themes to have their own plugins associated with them. To clarify – for example, when user chooses some blog design, he/she will have access to some plugins (which I (admin) choose)) and user, who uses support/faq theme will have access to plugins like FAQ, WP answers and so on. Is it possible and if it is, tell me how please..

– On the new blog, there should be activated some plugins, not all. Can I choose which plugins should be activated and which not? If it’s possible, tell me how please.

– Here are so many plugins here, and I’d like to know if there some plugins which prevent other plugins from working correctly? (Which makes other plugins not work).

– BuddyPress is great way to collect sitewide information on main page, but is it also possible to do without BuddyPress? I mean, if I had just WordPress Network on simple theme (not buddypress), will I be able to collect sitewide data (like, recent posts from all/some blogs, recent comments etc.) on it or not?

– Is it possible “ Stats” plugin to work on one API key for every blog? If so, how?

– There are some empty area in “Easy Admin Area” at the bottom of pages, it isn’t very important, but can I clear it?

– There are so many themes and plugins here, that many users may be confused while searching for their plugins or themes. It will be great if I could sort them with categories and sub-categories.

– Some themes (and I think – most of them) have icons “Fully internationalized” – does this mean, that I can translate them with .po file and when I upgrade them in future, their interface won’t change? Same question about plug-ins.


This was all for now :slight_smile: Thank you and sorry for English (If I’d make any mistake)

Glad to join your fascinating community :slight_smile: