Need help assigning the right WooCommerce Order Status

I rent Caravans on my site and the order to book the Caravan goes through various stages.

When the user books that Caravan and chooses to pay via Bank Deposite : On Hold

When the user pays by Credit Card : Processing (skip on hold)

Then the Caravan order rental goes through various order statuses and they all work fine.

When the Caravan is returned then the order is markced close and order status is sent to Completed.

Right now the Completed stage happens as soon as the paymant is done.

Can you please help me setup the Correct Order status.

Thank you

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Terresa,

    Hope you’re doing well.

    I had a look at the WooCommerce Booking and Order Status Manager but based on the information from those two this shouldn’t be happening:

    I’m afraid that I’m not familiar much with these two add-ons and how they need to be set up to get your desired behavior so I suggest getting in touch with WooCommerce support so they can check your settings.

    Best regards,


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Terresa

    These are premium add-ons and we don’t have access to them. While we’re always here for you to help you with “everything WordPress”, please note that in case of 3rd-party premium themes/plugins we may not always be able to provide as much support as for our own products and – often – 3rd-party free products. There’s so many plugins and themes around that it’s virtually impossible to get to know all of them “inside out”, I’m afraid.

    As for the issue itself. I checked the docs again and from what I understand the booking add-on should mark the order as “Paid” after the booking has been paid for and the “Complete” status should be added after the “service was delivered” (in this case, the caravan was return, I assume).

    To quote docs [source here]:

    Complete: Booking is paid and the date is in the past. The assumption is that the experience / service was delivered successfully.


    Be careful when changing start and end dates and times. Be sure that the start date is always more recent than the end date.

    This suggests that this is related to dates. I’m not sure though how to understand the part where it says “be sure that the start date is always more recent that the end date”, shouldn’t the start date be before the end date? Still though, I think this is somehow related either to the site’s date/time (time zone) settings, some time settings in the plugin itself or the way the booking start/end dates are being set. I think this is the aspect you would want to take a closer look at to make sure that those are being set and handled properly, for example:

    – that the end date is not the same as start date while someone books for e.g 3 days

    – system dates and time configuration in WP are right

    – if some WooCommerce extensions are not affecting these dates/times

    It might also be worth to check how this booking behaves if only WooCommerce plugin and that booking extension is enabled on site with other plugins and Woo extensions disabled, as it’s always possible (and often the case) that there’s something conflicting.

    Kind regards,


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