Need Help Changing Some Verbage on the studio theme


I need to change some verbage on the studio theme. For example, I would like to change the link on the front from "our community" to "our network". Also, on the slidedown menu, there is a typo I would like to fix, it reads; "user Login" when it should have user capitalized as well. Any help is appreciated!


  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    There are three ways you can do this....

    1) Change the theme files directly (not recommended)
    Essentially, you'd want to search the theme files (most likely header.php and sidebar.php) for the text you want to change and replace it there. The issue with this is that your changes will be overwritten by any updates to the theme.

    2) Create a child theme
    You could create a child theme and overwrite the necessary portions in your new child. This is a fair bit of overhead for such a small change though and probably isn't the best solution despite probably being the simplest.

    3) Provide a translation (recommended)
    By far the best method, although there's a little bit of learning involved. You simple provide a "translation" of the plugin (i.e. as if you were converting from English to French) but the only text you change are the two bits you want to. Learn more about how at


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