Need help creating links from custom page to group items

Arrrrr....I've been trying to find an easy solution, based on my limited knowledge and lots of forum searches, but don't see anything. I hope someone can help.

I've created a new "landing" page for single groups (via a custom page created through a group extension plugin). When a group's name is clicked, it defaults to this page which contains summaries of all that group's items, i.e. summary boxes for recent activity, members, documents, etc. What I'd like to do at the bottom of each of these summary boxes is have a link to the item's full page. (i.e. to the code that's in groups/single/home.php and that's called when the subnav links are clicked.)

I've tried several ways to create a function, but with no luck. Could anyone point me in the right direction or reference code I could use? I'm a beginner, but willing to put the time in to figure it out.