Need help customizing the user experience…


As it is now, when you visit the Membership page and wish to become a member, you are asked to “Select a Subscription” seeing as we only have one subscription, how do I change this copy? I can’t find it in any of the CSS.

When you click “Sign Up” you are brought to the Register page. Once you register, the page reloads but we need to direct it to a new page… a page that is protected to non-members ( )

Also… we have chosen the PayPal Express Gateway… but the user is never directed to PayPal during the registration process. We are offering 2 weeks free, and then, if they haven’t cancelled their membership, they get charged $2.49 per week for access to the Weekly Stats page… so how do we address this?

And one last thing, return users are prompted to “login” buut that only brings them to a generic WordPress login page that in no way reflects the site’s design. And when they login, instead of being taken to the protected content ( ) they are brought to the admin section of their WordPress user… this is completely confusing for the end user. See attached screenshot.

Thanks in advance!