Need Help Finding Plugins That Don't Exist

I would like my blogs to have some of the same interactivity that is available to users of regular self-hosted WP blogs. Specifically, I am looking for a calendar plugin and a polls plugin.

A poll or survey widget or plugin that leads to a third party SaaS is okay. I was previously advised of one, but I forget, unless it is PollDaddy. However, reading their page did not seem to indicate that their widget worked with WPMU.

For the calendar, I tried the one by Kieran O'Shea, but it seems not to work past WPMU 2.7

Anyone have suggestions for an event calendar or a poll plugin that works well with WPMU 2.9.2?

Help me, oh help me please. I am lost in the woods of North Georgia and cannot find my way to plugin Nirvana without your help.