Need help finding specific kind of panel image slider

I'm looking for a plug-in that creates a specific kind of image (or text+image) slider, but I don't know what this type of slider is called and as a result have had no success searching. What I'm looking for has stacked slim vertical panels that you click on to reveal a photo (or photo and text). When you click on one of those slim vertical panels, the others slide right or left as needed to reveal the photo and/or info.
There are no right/left navigation arrows or navigation dots below the images; all navigation is done by clicking the slim vertical panels, which have simple identifying text (running vertically). Ideally, the images would be linked to standard posts and/or MarketPress store products. Also, ideally, the slider would run as a slide show if you don't click on a nav panel.

If anyone knows what this type of slider is called (maybe it's not even a slider) and what plug-ins can create them — I'd be grateful if you'd write a reply. Freeware (preferred) or premium. Thanks.