Need help finding specific kind of panel image slider

I'm looking for a plug-in that creates a specific kind of image (or text+image) slider, but I don't know what this type of slider is called and as a result have had no success searching. What I'm looking for has stacked slim vertical panels that you click on to reveal a photo (or photo and text). When you click on one of those slim vertical panels, the others slide right or left as needed to reveal the photo and/or info.
There are no right/left navigation arrows or navigation dots below the images; all navigation is done by clicking the slim vertical panels, which have simple identifying text (running vertically). Ideally, the images would be linked to standard posts and/or MarketPress store products. Also, ideally, the slider would run as a slide show if you don't click on a nav panel.

If anyone knows what this type of slider is called (maybe it's not even a slider) and what plug-ins can create them — I'd be grateful if you'd write a reply. Freeware (preferred) or premium. Thanks.

  • Mason


    You might try this one:

    I've used it before and feel it can be a bit confusing to setup, but does have several options for sliders. Not sure if the particular one you're looking for is included or not. They also offer (paid) assistance for customizing on their site.

    There's several slider plugins for wordpress that work with featured content. The display for any of them may have to be modified to meet your exact requirements here. Do you have a site as an example of what you're looking for?


  • Robert

    The only sites I can think of as examples are memories -- I can't find a current url at the moment. Bummer. But I've found a couple of promising plug-ins since I wrote my query. Two definitely have the functionality that I'm looking for:

    Slidedeck is one, for sure, and it looks good, but at $99 to eliminate the branding, I'm not sure I can afford that. And I've read some comments about problems with it (I can of course try the free version to check that out).

    Sugar Slider looks very promising, and at $20 is much more affordable.

    Perhaps Nivo Slider (not sure yet; costs $15), tho I saw some cautionary comments for it as well.

    So far no freeware, except Slidedeck (lite version with branding). Other suggestions are welcome!

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