Need Help Fine Tuning Hummingbird

Team WPMU,

Looking to do a little bit more with Hummingbird, especially related to improving speed and am fiddling around on my testing site to fine tune the settings.

Unfortunately, I'm having some problems with javascript/jquery/and ajax scripts. It seems that no matter what I do, some key scripts simply do not function as long as the minification module is activated. And, to make it more confusing, it is only the main site that is affected -- subdomains do not suffer the same issues.

I have set hummingbird minification to include all files, but not to combine or minimize them. Also, all files have been set to be in their original location. But, several animations and database queries on the main site don't work. Using Chrome developer tools, I see warnings for JQmigrate ("ready event is deprecated") - but am unsure how to adjust that with hummingbird.

On subdomain sites, JQmigrate is active, but a syntax error for the hummingbird file serving it is noted (invalid or unexpected token).

On the hummingbird dashboard report, I get high scores for minimization (95, 99, and 100%) for minimizing js, css, and html files due to the theme I use. But, I have noticed that with the Humingbird Minimization module activated, the main site loads significantly faster -- though, sadly, without some necessary functionality.

I would like to get this resolved to I can get the boosted speed, but still keep the full functionality.

Any ideas?

Support access is granted.

  • jetmac

    A quick correction...

    Actually, there are some items on the subdomains that are also affected. Sidebar items are affected, as can be seen here:

    Every book, wherever it is on the networks, should have a Buy Button that, when clicked, opens to show where the book can be purchased (if it's available). You can see at that link that the Buy Button is not active, and is stuck "open". It is this way almost everywhere, except inside the body of a page on a subsite (as seen here:

    The main site has issues with this as well, as can be seen at this link:

    Also, the "lookup" function is deprecated on the main site, so the "mentions" capability of buddypress doesn't work, nor do other related functions.

  • Dimitris

    Hey there jetmac,

    hope you're doing good and thanks for reaching us! :slight_smile:

    I just inspected your website and noticed that you're using a quite large number of plugins which would require us an extended time to setup HummingBird Minification. The use of such extended time from our behalf, actually surpass the scope of this support forum. This fact in addition with the fact that we don't actually know what is the desired outcome that you're trying to achieve (all of these button functionalities, animations and queries you've mentioned).

    Having said that, I can only propose some workarounds on fine-tuning the HB Minification module.
    The optimum settings for every asset are to be included, minified, combined and pushed to footer (the last step will get rid of render-blocking issues). You should keep in mind that this becomes even harder using a vast variety of plugins though, as there're standards that aren't being followed by authors due to many reasons.
    What I'd propose to you is to work in batches. You can do so, if not already, by filtering the assets per plugin or theme.

    So you can select your active theme, BuddyPress, any BP related plugins and so on.
    You can start by using the "optimum" settings I mentioned, test your site's functionalities, and revert them one-by-one in a reverse order like: move to original position, remove combine, remove minify.
    I can understand that this can become really time-consuming as I already stated, but it's the only way so that you can have the most out of your site, without having any functionality issues of course. Also, keep in mind, that it would be extremely difficult to achieve a perfect 'score' there due to the number of assets involving.

    Hope that was some help, feel free to keep me posted on any updates considering your efforts here or if there's a specific error you're dealing with after working the way I proposed. :slight_smile:

    Take care,

  • jetmac

    Dimitris ,

    That actually ended up being very fast -- I did activate everything to the optimum setting, as suggested.

    Did an error check and saw pretty much every js script throwing an error.

    I moved them all back to "original" position and 90% of the errors went away.

    De-combined the jqmigrate and then everything started working. Still testing to make sure I go tit all, but so far so good.

    Thanks for the assist!

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