Need help fixing a compatibility issue between Google Maps plugin and a theme

I'm nearly finished building a tourism website using the Avada theme -
The site was originally started last year and then put on hold until this month.
The developer just released a major update of the theme. After updating I discovered that there now seems to be a compatibility issue. The maps no longer show on any of the web pages. After investigating I realised the problem is with the fusion plugin that comes with the theme. This plugin is for all the shortcodes and styling. (The shortcodes include a google map.) If I turn this plugin off the maps show but obviously this means none of the shortcodes work which is not good.
I want to use the wpmudev google maps plugin because the maps need to have the capability of providing directions to all the local businesses in the directory.
The theme developer could not help.
Is there a way to fix this problem? I understand that it may not be possible.
I would appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance.