Need help fixing responsive site in IE8

Although not really a WordPress question… I’m having real trouble with some IE8 fixes.

This is a test version of the site:

Works fine in Firefox, Safari, IE9, IE10…

First biggest problem is that all of my navigation links are white text on white background in IE8. Nothing I’ve tried seems to correct it. I’ve also noticed that the selection background color is white in IE8?! (I do have a custom purple background color for selection in browsers that support this).

The site is ‘mobile-first’ responsive so the default styles are for mobile, with media queries over-writing those for larger screens. I’ve got IE8 loading a separate stylesheet which is basically a copy of the ‘desktop’ query and this is mainly working.

Check the site in a ‘proper’ browser and you can see how it should look.

Any help would be massively appreciated!