Need Help fixing Title Tag problem

Site is multi-site, Multi-DB, buddy press, bbpress. Problem on the main site only. Sub-domains not effected.

I switch themes yesterday and spent the whole day making tweaks. Then last night before I retired for the night I found the title tags aren't showing up correctly. On all pages other then BP pages and home page only the site name shows up as title in the browser. I can see that the page name/site name is trying to show but loops back to just the site name.

I had some problems with Infinite SEO causing problems with Title tags on a different them and had made some changes then to the plugin.

I uploaded a fresh copy of Infinite SEO because I had made those changes. The problem continued. I then then tried variety of changes on the Edublogs header.php title tags and the best I could get to show as the title in the browser is the URL of the page.

I return the header.php page to the original. Disabled Infinite SEO, and still had the same problem. Then I change the theme to 2012 and I still have the same problem.

I've tested in Chrome, Firefox and IE all behave the same.

I cleared, cache, temp internet history and file throughout the process of finding what's wrong.

It doesn't appear to be the theme or Infinite SEO.

Site is visit and see for your self. Will hold off on more testing and changes to title tag for now.

Any thoughts?