Need help for my site theme

I would like to edit my site header text. But I can't find the option where I could change the header icon block text.

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Lee,

    It seems that the code used in there is actually hardcoded in the files.
    If you go to Appearance > Customize > Header and change the header type to 3 it will apply your changes on that different heading.

    So I checked your theme files and code for these headers is located under /wp-content/themes/cornike/includes/main/ folder in header-design-layout.php file.
    In that file around line 70 you will see the code for Header type 2 and you can see in there that the details are actually hardcoded:

    And if you go further down around line 140 you will see the code for Header type 3 and in there you can see that uses actual functions load the code entered in the settings instead of using hardcoded values:

    You can try moving those functions from header type 3 to type 2 and it should work, but I would suggest getting in touch with your theme developer and ask them why the code was hardcoded there in the first place.

    Best regards,

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