Need help.. i lost the big picture

Hey guys. im lost here. i have lost the big picture. i have a site i want to be like this:

if you are on the site, and not logged in at all, you have access to 5pages, plus a webshop.

if you register free, you get acess to the forum.

If you become a VIP you get acess to 5more pages. and the ebooks on the webshop, you get for free, plus if you are a VIP member, you need to could make you own blog under me blogname, you know?

and i need to have an affiliate program for the free users.. and a even better affiliate program for the VIP.

I have an idea on how this should work, and waht i need to install.

but could you please chime in, and help me get the big view back? im a little confused rigth now.

thanks guys.