Need help installing Revolution Responsive Slider to my Home Page

TI am having trouble installing this slider on my home page. My site is I want to replace the slider that is there now with the Revolution Responsive Slider.

In the manual, it says:

There are three ways to include the Slider in your Theme:

From the theme html/php use:
<?php putRevSlider( id or "alias" ) ?> - Example:

<?php putRevSlider("example1"); ?>
From the widgets panel:
Drag the "Revolution Slider" widget to the desired sidebar

From the post editor:
Insert the shortcode from the sliders table - Example:

[rev_slider example1]

So I have been messing with the settings and I don't know which template to edit. I tried posting this in the community yesterday morning and I got only one reply which asked me a question to which I answered and no response.