Need help integrating additional fields with user_meta into backend in Appointments+


I am very pleased to see the Appointments+ plugin come along very well. I have a previous posting titled passing UPME user meta....Paul created an Extended Appointments Plugin to enable additional fields to be inserted into the Appointments Confirmation area. This is different to the Additional Custom Fields add-on built within Appointments+ in that it takes the value of a usermeta and loads the additional fields from user_meta if a user is logged in.

I have seen a recent forum discussion on being able to edit the custom fields in the backend. One of the customers were assisted by Saurabh Shukla and I see that there is an update to the file in that discussion that will enable editing the custom fields even in the backend.

Unfortunately it looks like there are a couple of different solutions to the same problem but not integrated into the plugin as such. My extended appointments plugin is working beautifully except for 2 limitations - 1. it does not do a custom field validation (which although coded does not work) and 2. the backend editing does not work and the fields only show up if a user has the data entered into those fields.

Is it possible for someone to look at both and integrate them so that we have one unified plugin or add-on that will let us add Custom Fields but with a user_meta that can be defined so that it loads these fields if a user_meta exists and it needs to be editable in the backend too.

I guess it is just a matter of combining the add on and the extended appointments plugin to enable this feature.

Could someone please help me here? I have attached the links to both forum discussions to clarify my question.