Need Help Mapping Out Which Plugins Will Do The Job For My Network

I’m mapping out the framework for my first multisite network and I’ve done some research on the available plugins here. However, I’m confused about a few items and looking for clarification.

Here’s what I want the multisite network to do:

1. Create a paid membership website. This would be a regular training website with 3 membership levels.

2. Included in the paid membership package, students would get 1 or more blogs/websites and access to premium plugins and themes

3. Sell additional upgrade products/services

4. Track affiliate sales from membership as well as upgrades

5. Allow customers to have single signup. Meaning that they can signup and pay for the membership and automatically have access privileges to setup their website(s), themes, and plugins.

From my research, I believe that I can use a combination of the Membership, Pro Sites, Pay to Blog, Affiliates, and another wpmu database syncing plugin (forgot the name) that should allow me to do most of what I want.

So here are my questions:

1. Am I correct that the above listed plugins will do most of what I want?

2. Is it possible to setup paid packages that include automated access to multiple websites? Example:

– Basic package you get 1 website and X plugins and themes

– Silver Package you get 2 websites and XX plugins and themes

– Gold Package you get 3 websites and XXX plugins and themes

3. I believe that the affiliate plugin is limited to only tracking sales via Pro Sites & Membership plugins and would require customization to track additional product/service sales. I have a limited budget and timetable for this project, would it be easier/cheaper to tie the affiliate plugin with a 3rd party shopping cart via API or hack it to work with my specific situation.