Need help migrating site

I just upgraded my current hosting to allow a dedicated server or VPS hosting platform. I have never performed a multi site migration before and need some guidance. We tried using Snapshot (Managed Backups) to migrate the site but it encountered errors at the end, it meant to say some database tables were missing from the backup.

Then we tried a manual copy of the site files, exported the database from the old server’s PHPMYADMIN and imported it to the new server’s PHPMYADMIN. We pointed the domain to the new server, the database doesn’t require a search/replace as the domain will be the same. We changed the database host, username and password in wp-config.php but accessing the site said it could not connect to the database. Accessing /wp-admin says “One or more database tables are unavailable. The database may need to be repaired.” I tried repairing the database but it still said some database tables are missing, but the database was a clean export from a working site’s PHPMYADMIN.

Any help is appreciated.