Need help Migrating WordPress (Multisite!) to a New Server using snapshot

I'm just about ready to restore a backup from my old mu at www.*** (which is on a shared server to my new domain www.*** which is on a cloudnx platform. I have already added the backup and the snapshot restore files to the root on the new server.

I am just following what snapshot tells me to do, I accidentally deleted the entire contents of the htdoc on my old domain last night (don't ask lol) but I have since managed to use snapshot to restore that ok, so you may be wondering why I'm asking for your help? well over the last two weeks whilst I have been trying to set up WordPress for the first time to use for my client sites it has been a bit of a nightmare, mainly due to the fact I started setting it all up on a shared server which eventually let me build sites but when they were ready to go live, the restrictions prevented me from doing something a simple as mapping a domain :disappointed: .... so I really want to take baby steps now and have one of you great guys to stand by and stop me if I'm doing something wrong, because there is a good chance I will make a mistake being a rookie!!