Need help regarding CoursePress Pro functionality

Looking at helping to develop a site using CoursePress Pro. Need to figure out if there is a possible bundle of plugins that could support my customer's current model. Options that I am looking at include: A) multisite plus membership or B) BuddyPress and Membership. Current model on Facebook: Sells class content to sponsors who then provide the class for free on their Facebook pages. The "sponsored" content model doesn't seem to fit easily within CoursePress Pro. I am trying to figure how this could be achieved.

One option I am considering is using CoursePress within Pro-Site multisite. All courses are created and archived at marketing site. How could the classes that are sold be copied to subsites? Is there an import/export feature?

A second approach I've been thinking about is simply selling the individual courses as a product on MarketPress and then adding the person as a sponsored instructor. However, the reason people would sponsor the course is to have prominence and not be a part of a list of other instructors. Without creating the separate website, could this be accomplished with CoursePress living within one site?