Need Help Selecing an Advanced Search Form and Results Solution

Hi, I am trying to set up a wordpress site with an advanced search features similar to what you see here:

Here are my basic requirements:

1) I want to build the custom fields so there is an easy place for the data to reside

2) I want the ability to upload a bunch of data (2000 products/items with about 50 custom fields) via CSV file into to the table(s)

3) I want to easily build a custom search form to get at the data (like this

4) I want to customize the search results into an easy to read table format, much like the example I provided.

I have two projects (1 article based site running Route theme and 1 product based site using woocommerce) in which I am trying to do this and have spent a lot of time looking around at different options. It’s really hard to tell which plugin/option will satisfy my requirements. Any help and recommendations that you can provide will be greatly appreciated.