Need help setting up CoursePress

I want to sell a monthly membership that gives access to a course. The course is going to be like a sort of challenge. Everymonth, 4 new challenges will be available. You need to complete the 1st to see the 2nd, and need to complete the 2nd to see the 3rd, etc..

Currently, I’m trying to build a dashboard where my “challenges” will show up. I already created them as “units” in Courspress

How can I show the 4 units on my dashboard, I’ve been searching for the right shortcode but I can’t find and my course page has no button to like, start the course.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Etienne

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for reaching out to us.

    As for the missing “start course” button:

    Currently your course is set to not allow anyone to signup for the course. In “Enrollment & Course Cost” section of the course configuration you’d want to change “Manually added only” to “Any registered users” and after you save settings, users would see “Enroll” button on course description page.

    As for the units/”challenges”:

    I admit I’m not sure exactly what the goal is. I understand that a “student” should get four “challenges” each month to complete and that could be done either directly in CoursePress using “Unit Availability” option in each unit or with Membership 2 Pro “dripped” type membership.

    But I’m not sure about that “presentation part: 4 units on a page. By default a student can see the list of units if it’s set to be shown in Course settings but then – are you referring to the “list of available units” or to the actual units (when a student starts to go through the course)? Or is it yet some other scenario?

    Could you please explain that a bit more? Some simple “mockup” of how what should a student see could also be helpful.

    Best regards,


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