Need Help setting up MU/Buddypress on domain with existing folders

I need to install MU on a root that has existing folders written in HTML, yet still allow sites to be created as folders "", and keep the existing folders.

From what I understand, WP won't allow you to use the folder set up if folders already exist.
Am I correct, or is this possible to do?
Any help is appreciated.

  • eborg9

    I had an idea concerning this.
    I know that it's best to do MU functions on a clean install and existing folders would likely only give you the option of creating new blogs on a subdomain.

    So what if I install clean on the root first, and then since the existing folder are pretty much just HTML pages, install the additional folders after the set up.
    That should keep the URL structure of the outside folders and still allow to create new blogs on folders.

    What do you guys think?

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