Need Help Setting Up Template With Pay Per View

Hello, first I'm the same user who posted this thread. I just created this account for my client and his project - which is what that thread discusses.

I noticed the thread was resolved so I wasn't sure if any comments I left would get seen.

Anyway, If possible, I would like some guided step by step help to setting this up. I resolved my last question in that thread about the custom fields not showing.

That said, I'd like to start at the beginning where Ari started to give me some instructions.

pay-per-view.php, lines 628-778 contain the main "protection" function of the pay-per-view plugin.
That function is applied to the main content from line 67 of that same file:
add_filter( 'the_content', array( &$this, 'content' ), 8 );

So in your custom template file, you'll have to remove that filter.
After you do, your main content will NOT be blocked by the plugin any more and you can start implementing this for your custom fields.

First, have these lines changed at all? The content filter is at line 133 on my pay-per-view.php.

Second, do I need to duplicate the entire pay-per-view.php for my single page template? Or simply remove the content filter... and if so, how?

Thank you very much...