Need help setting up the plugins

I have purchased the WPMU DEV Account. Can you suggest what plugins should I include without causing any conflicts with existing plugins on my site to improve its performance?

Thank you

  • viobru
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    Hi, Suzanne Hardie!

    Hope you are doing great :slight_smile:

    If you need to improve the performance on the site I would basically recommend to start using 2 of our plugins: Hummingbird Pro and WP Smush Pro.

    Hummingbird Pro is our plugin for site's speed and performance optimization for the site and it includes several features that can be used to improve this. You can find detailed information about it and instructions about how to use it in its documentation page.

    Just let me inform that, before enabling the features on it you should make sure that the features that it has are NOT enabled on any other plugin or tool since that could cause issues on the site.

    That being said and to summarise, with Hummingbird you just need to activate it on the site and then run a test with it. After that is done, you will get a global score for the site and a list of the things that need to be improved on the site, each one with its own score. And each of the listed sections will provide the steps to follow in order to apply the suggested improvements.

    Here you can see an example from my testing site of the glogal score and the list of things that should be improved:

    And this is an example of the steps to follow in order to "Improve server response time":

    Please keep in mind that if you are currently usign a plugin/tool for some of the Hummingbird options like caching, for example, and you want to continue using the current tool, then simply you SHOULD NOT activate it on Hummingbird to prevent issues. And finally, if you'd like to go even further with Hummingbird, you have the Asset Optimization section from which you can apply special changes to JS and CSS files. And, if using it, you can also enable the WPMU DEV CDN and this way all the optimized files on it will be served by our CDN and not from your server.

    WP Smush Pro, on the other hand, is our plugin to optimize the images on the site. Once installed, you will have the option to select which images should be optimized and which settings to apply to them, and you'll be able to run the optimization process (bulk smush) simply clicking on a button.

    Apart from that, the recently launched version of it (3.0) does also include a CDN to store the images on it, so if you enable it the images will be directly served via our CDN, which will highly help to decrease the amount of resources used on your server:

    Let me also mention that, before applying any change via Hummingbird or Smush, we strongly recommend to create a COMPLETE and UPDATED backup of the entire site (you can use our Snapshot plugin to create it).

    Finally, about the 416 errors listed by SEM Rush scan and mentioned during the chat regarding "outgoing internal links contain nofollow attribute", let me inform that SEM Rush, by default, will point any link that has the nofollow attribute assigned, but it will depend on your needs to change this. As explained on this thread, "if you have chosen to make those links nofollow then there is nothing to fix; nothing is broken."

    Hope all this helps!

    Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have about this, we are glad to help :slight_smile:

    Kind regards,


  • suzanne hardie
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    Thxs so much! I activated hummingbird and deactivated WP fastest cache. I had one problem to fix "remove render blocking" and clicked improve. It got me to asset optimization and this screen attached

    Now I don't know what to do! which to select or not. Second attachment is what I got from my SEM rush report, Does that help me choose? Also, I am concerned what effect this may have on my theme as per warning. Help! What should I do next??


  • Kasia Swiderska
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    Hello suzanne,

    It got me to asset optimization and this screen attached

    Now I don’t know what to do! which to select or not.

    You need to start with the first file on the list and save and then check if your site is working correctly. If yes, move to next file. If not, revert the change and move to the next file.

    This process is described in our documentation here (Minification is now Asset Optimization). You will have all the options described.

    In the section Advanced mode there is more information about the process of optimizing files with Asset Optimization:

    The most important thing when working with Advanced mode and making changes to how your site loads files is that you test things out after every single change.

    It is not recommended to select all your files, click on Bulk Update, and enable all of the options at once. This could have disastrous consequences for your site, and break a lot of things! Please do not do this!

    Asset Optimization most of the time requires spending time on the whole process – this is because there is no one way to optimize sites. Each site is different, has different plugins, themes – combinations are infinite. Hence testing is required when enabling options in Asset Optimization for files – this will allow getting most optimal setup for your site.

    When I activated hummingbird, Wo Commerce product fee pro was deactivated, I have tried to turn it back on but it is asking for and API key and I do not remember what or where this is, Can you help? Thxs

    I checked your site and seems that WooCommerce Product Feed Pro plugin is enabled. Did you manage to get the API key for it?

    kind regards,


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