Need help starting up!

Hi guys,

I just bought the marketpress plugin and Im having real trouble starting up the whole thing. I basically want to:

1.put a single product(ebook) on the sidebar, so the customer can see it.

2. The customer reads the single page of the product(I dont want no store, Just the page where the single product is displayed). Decides to download it and hits the buy it now button.

3. After he hits it, I want marketpress to ask the customer directly about his bank details(I setted up paypal express already). I dont want wordpress to have like 2-3 confirmations, asking the customer is he done and stuff. Just straight to the point. Buy it Now-Bank Details!

4.After they enter their bank details or paypal and if its all good, a window popping up, letting them download the file.

I will be thankful to infinity if someone tells me how to do that stuff, because im starting to freak out. Im not really big on the technical side of WordPress and starting this is KILLING ME. Can someone help me please?

  • ThePath
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi RappingManual, welcome to the forum and thanks for being a member at WPMU DEV!

    OK well you said you are only selling one product. Maybe you should consider another plugin which would be simpler and less hassle for just one product.

    Perhaps Pay Per View:

    What do you reckon? If you are set with using MP however then…

    There is a global product widget. Which if you only have one product will only show that one.

    You dont have to show the “store” menu link, you can add a custom one to the product only.

    If MP has a set checkout process, then thats pretty much it, nothing we could help with here you would need to post it as a paid job to reduce the pages in checkout process.

    Hope that helps a bit but if I was jst selling one product then Id use Pay Per View.


  • RappingManual
    • New Recruit

    Thanks for the quick reply man, you people here are stars!

    The thing is that I already paid for the marketpress thing! I GOTTA USE IT!

    Also, Im gonna start off with only one product and then add others.

    I have the product ready. Description, image, price and everything. Its currently a draft.

    After I clicked buy it now, the title above the confirmaton boxes is not the colour and sizes I need. How can I fix it up? Would you give me some tips on where to start?

    Thank you

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Hi and Welcome to WPMUdev forums!

    @thepath is pretty awesome, he will always give good advice. :slight_smile:

    So you want a product in the sidebar, that links to product page with Buy Now and download…

    Here is how I would do it.

    First I would upload my product, ebook etc. And make note of the URL.

    Then, create a product page for it.

    Move the Product List Widget to your sidebar.

    Then make sure you have the Buy Now Button selected in Dashboard>Products>Settings>Presentation

    Let's take a look!

    Let me know if this gets you started. We can tackle the next step when you get this :slight_smile:



  • RappingManual
    • New Recruit

    Oooh thats great!! Thank you!

    Worked! Clicked buy it now, and paypal popped up! You’re an angel! :slight_smile:

    One thing tho: I have an issue with the colour of the checkout information. Its in purple and its conflicting with my theme. Is there a way in which I can change it easily? Without fidgeting too much with codes, because Im pretty caveman like when it comes to scripts :slight_frown:

  • RappingManual
    • New Recruit

    You see how the Shipping Information and “Your Shopping Cart” are just blending in my theme? How can I change their colour, or put a table around the whole thing so they stand out, or just delete them.

    Would you please help me with this one. Its the last thing I have to edit and it took me close to two hours looking at forums for a similiar thread. I dont have any nerves left. Are you going to help me or are you going to ignore my plea for your support?

  • ThePath
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi RappingManual,

    things slow down a bit here over the weekend but rest assured help isnt far away.

    I would say its always easier for us to offer support (especially design support and especially on a custom theme) when you supply a link to your site.

    It looks from your screen shots that you need to colour the background of the divs containing the text messages.

    As Im unsure of the div names I cant help you with the CSS code until I know your site address. You can find which styles to use by using a very useful tool: Firebug for Firefox browser. If you use this tool you can select web elements and see their css styles. You can even add CSS styles in Firebug to see the results on the fly. If you have Firebug then use it to select the background element and try adding a css style to it:

    background: #fff;

  • RappingManual
    • New Recruit

    Ah great, I thought you guys left me out in the open on my own. Thank you for the reply once again.

    The adress of my website is:

    I will however try that firebug thing and see what happens. But if by any chance im not being able to do it, please, take a look at my website and diagnose the problem anyway. I really gotta get this done, ASAP. Providing me with the code to just insert in the styles.css file will be the best thing, since Im one century behind when it comes to programming.

    Thank you for the support guys, I will reccomend you to my friends. As far as I can see, you care about your customers and this is important.


  • ThePath
    • The Bug Hunter

    OK well Im not familiar with the Arras theme but it seems weird. By that I mean Ive checked it out using firebug and you seem to be missing a lot of styles.

    For instance you could style the background of the header title by adding something like:

    .entry-title{ background: #F5F5F5; }

    That will still look pants though so you would have to add padding too:

    .entry-title{ background: #F5F5F5; padding: 0 10px; }

    But then you might find other elements that need lined up. Might be OK though.

  • RappingManual
    • New Recruit

    Yeah, thanks for checking on me. Well, I managed to put a little background behind the shopping cart title, but by changing that, the theme automatically put backgrounds on all my post titles, throughtout the whole site. Check it out You see how weird my titles are?

    I would rather just have a white table(background on the shopping cart and shipping page, but I really dont know how to do it. :slight_frown:

  • ThePath
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi Guys,

    I think he does want the background Kim just only in the store pages.

    You have to be more specific with your CSS. So if Marketpress creates any page classes etc then you could use them, otherwise use the classes created by WordPress i.e. page id classes. SO in the case of your cart page it would be page-id-0 so your CSS would look like:

    .page-id-0 .entry-title {
    background: #FFF;
    padding: 0 10px;

    This is why Firebug is so handy as you can work your way up the element structure to see what ID’s or classes you can use to drill down your CSS styles.

    Hope that helps.

  • RappingManual
    • New Recruit

    Wow, guys I’ll be honest here. This is the first time I see people in a forum such as this, devoted to helping others in a way you guys do it. Thank you very much for your time and effort spent in trying to help me. This is the best customer service I’ve received by far.

  • ThePath
    • The Bug Hunter

    Thats what happens in good membership sites such as this! :wink:

    It pays to have a great forum like this as it throws up a lot of bugs etc from users using the products as well as brewing up ideas and getting valuable feedback.

    But Im glad you are happy dude. Hope your getting your issue sorted too.

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