need help - step by step multi network

Am totally confused.... maybe I am missing the point completely as I have tried all the steps in install and also this

we have domain..., *.smeak is enabled ... so far we have multiple sub domains e.g. all working perfectly...

Our root blog ( is a BuddyPress install also been running well for months.


We are trying to set up a test site called I have done all the wildcard and DNS stuff and if you type in that URL it resolves to - loading the main blog.

We need to share the WP install, as in themes and plugins, and MOST importantly users... BUT it must be a seprate BP site with its own forums, blogs and groups...

So we have tried

- Domain Mapping
- Multi-Domains
- WP Multi Network
- Network+
- BP Multi Network
- WordPress MU Domain Mapping

whatever we do... just keeps on reverting to the main blog on the initial network...

I am totally lost, believe me tried everything (SUNRISE on, wa wa wa) ... next week i need to demo the musicmatrix BP site - and I am lost